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Name:An Axis Powers Hetalia Dressing Room
Posting Access:All Members
Community description:An APH Roleplaying Community for Canon, AU, and Original Characters
hetaliadr is an Axis Powers Hetalia dressingroom; an informal roleplay community for Hetalia RPers, and anyone playing characters based on the series; this means that alternate universes and original characters are welcome, as well as the canon characters and spinoffs of Hetalia (Nyotalia, Nekotalia, etc.) You don't need a profile to be accepted (though they can avoid confusion); just join the community and have fun!

Welcome, to the new Administraion


  • You must read these rules and abide by them.

  • Play nice and be respectful: Be sure to stay in character, avoid god-modding and meta-gaming. Be mindful of sensitive subjects and the current events; be considerate of your fellow roleplayers and respectful of those people going through said events. If you're making a post that may be triggering to some, be sure to put it under a cut and include a warning somewhere of the potentially triggering content where it will be easily seen. No trolling or wank, no drama. If there's an issue between two muns, it should be kept between the two muns or brought to the attention of the mods.

  • Keep it PG-13: Posts and comments in the community should be kept work-safe; if there's anything not-safe-for-work such as sex, this needs to be moved somewhere more private, such as a character's journal. You can have non-sexual nudity, references to sexual situations, violence (as long as it isn't too gore-y or detailed, then it must be taken elsewhere), crude language, and drug use (though nothing too heavy); basically, abide by American media ratings.

  • Anything is welcomed: As stated above, any Hetalia character is welcome, be it a canon character, an AU of a canon character, Nyotalia/Nekotalia/Mochitalia/etc., or original characters of non-canon countries, states, cities, so on, as long as they're based on Hetalia. However, they must be somewhere that actually exists: an embodiment of Narnia wouldn't be allowed, but an England from Narnia, for example, would be. Doubles are allowed, so you may see more than one person playing the same muse.

  • In-Character journals or posts only: You must join the community before being able to post. If you wish to discuss something or introduce yourself OOC-ly, make a post in the OOC Community: [community profile] hetaliadrooc

  • Tag enteries: The mods will create tags on an as-needed basis, and once your character has a tag, you must tag your entries. The tags will just be of what the character is representing or based off of; any Americas or AUs of America will use the tag "america", while an OC representing Alabama will use "alabama".

  • Use subject lines to supplement tags if need be. Because AUs are also tagged as the character they're an AU of, to avoid confusion you may mention what kind of AU your character is in the subject line of your first entry. Likewise, if you're not playing an original character, you can mention what your muse is representing when you make the intro post (e.g. "Intro: Pirate!England" or "Intro: Southern U.S.")

  • Mind your grammar: Everyone makes typos now and then and there's no need to write at Shakespeare's level, but please correct spelling and grammar.

  • Have fun: This is a community meant for fun and give roleplayers an area to play muses they may not be able to elsewhere. Have fun, and if there's an issue, feel free to bring it to a mod's attention.

  • Any offenses will be handled on a case-by-case basis, with a three-strikes system. This may be lowered depending upon the severity of the offense.


  • What is the setting? Administration, as it's called, is composed of a large building with various rooms, and similarly large grounds, both of which the muns are encouraged to use and fill however they wish. Do you want gardens for your muse? There you go! Maybe a kitchen from the 1700s? Of course! Anything's fair game.

  • How would my character end up in Administration? Characters are suddenly taken from wherever they were and brought to Administration; they could open a door in their home only to realized they opened the front door of Administration and now their home is no where in sight, maybe they looked over their shoulder and found themselves in Administration's halls. The specifics are up to you, but that's the gist of it.

  • Where does my character stay and what can they do in Administration? Each character will have their own bedroom they can have fixed up however they'd like. Likewise, the characters are welcome to spend their time doing basically anything, except return home. Of course, they're still welcome to try.

  • Can we do events? Of course! If you want to plan an event, you can post about it in the OOC comm. to see who's interested. If you'd like to do a smaller event, such as "everyone is now another gender", feel free to go ahead and make the post. Whatever you can think of!

  • I played my character in another game or DR; can I bring that characterization here? You may; as long as there's no instances of meta-gaming, there's no issue with it. Who knows, if you've played in another dressingroom, your character may get an idea of what's going on!

The admins of this community are:

And of course, our out-of-character community is [community profile] hetaliadrooc
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